The Name is “AARTANA” . It is a Sanskrit word which means “waste”. Weare

from India & from the top most industrializedstate & Land of entrepreneurship called”GUJARAT”. We are right now at nascent stage. This saga will bornup , when I was  stroked by the glimpse  IndianRailway. I am regular commuter & also a ardent rail- fan, when Every time , I saw The station & it’s Surrounding my heart really cry very loud & also the disgusting part is that  I can’t solve it out &also this pain has sharpened its edges when i saw others parts of city like road,Garbage cans & Several others public  Places& especially a bus stand ( dirtier comparing toRailway station ).Now, it was the time to share my feeling to my dear one – soi jumped on each & every contacts of mine . I

After a lotdiscussions we (my two Partners) were on the  decision that

Let’s do it:- 

Our Primary Objectives are;- 

1) To manage each & every part ofwaste in our arena & also maximize recycling

2) To utilize that part to waste tomaximum by recycling , power production, Vermi-culture   etc .

3) To enhance the lives ofrag-pickers & there family & transform there livesthrough self-employment.

4) To increase job-opportunity in this filed, so promote country progress.

Your valuable comments aremost welcome, Please help us to serve better.