The mission of ABADÁ-Capoeira San Francisco (ACSF) is to preserve, develop, and share the art of capoeira with integrity, and to use capoeira to enrich disadvantaged communities and the lives of people from all backgrounds.

ACSF offers professional instruction and performance of capoeira at its Mission-based Brazilian Arts Center, and at over 30 sites throughout the Bay Area.

Founded in 1991 by master capoeira artist Mestranda Márcia Treidler, ACSF seeks to inspire and empower people– especially youth from disadvantaged backgrounds– to realize their full potential as responsible, confident, productive members of society. By consistently seeking out new creative ways of exploring and sharing the dynamic aspects of the multi-faceted art of capoeira and related arts, ACSF remains a pioneering force in the preservation and development of Brazilian cultural arts.