Abbeyfield Belgium

Abbeyfield is about starting a new way of life, guided by the shared beliefs of the movement:

– self-respect and the will to take control of one’s life;
– respect for others through sharing of responsibilities, supporting each other, and companionship
– openness towards the other residents and the local community.

The Abbeyfield houses are accessible for single older people or couples who believe in the added value of living together, with the added benefit of overcoming loneliness and insecurity.

In their Abbeyfield house, the residents find a balance between their private lives and living in a community. As a resident, you are encouraged to take part in the life in the house and the neighbourhood, without having to give up your privacy. You can come and go as you please, receive visitors and enjoy one cooked meal a day in common.

Abbeyfield is also an association of residents and volunteers, who are happy to offer support and to take on responsibilities in the house(s) depending on their skills and availability.

At the centre of these homely houses are Abbeyfield housekeepers, who ensure that the house is comfortable and safe, and that meals are nutritious and enjoyable.

Abbeyfield is the name of a street in London, where the first house was founded in 1956. Nowadays the Abbeyfield network counts 900 houses in 16 countries, with 10,000 senior residents who are supported by 15,000 volunteers.