Abbeyfield Christchurch

Abbeyfield is currently evaluating a range of possible options to develop an Abbeyfield house, or possibly houses, in Christchurch.

Abbeyfield has formed a steering committee comprised of interested local volunteers. These ‘champions’ of Abbeyfield are seeking support from the community to develop an Abbeyfield house.

Abbeyfield Newzealand

Abbeyfield is a not-for-profit organisation providing companionship and an affordable home for older people.

The Abbeyfield method of operation is to promote and establish local community-based and volunteer-led Abbeyfield Societies. They, in turn, create and manage local Abbeyfield Houses providing lonely older people a dignified way of life at a weekly housekeeping charge affordable from state sourced welfare payments or the equivalent.

To be the most respected and successful community volunteer provider of locally based, affordable, family-styled housing for lonely older people who seek independence, companionship and safety in New Zealand.