ABDL ? Brazilian Association for Leadership Development ?is a nonprofit organization with the mission of articulating leadership for a sustainable world.

Based in São Paulo, with domestic and international activities, ABDL promotes sustainable development through four program areas — networks, participation, dialogue and territorial development —, following an action model that systemically approaches three pillars: capacity-development (formação), communication(comunicação) and mobilization (mobilização).

Capacity development:Programs and courses are directed to developing the skills, abilities and values of people and organizations, in learning environments that value diversity and exchanging knowledge. Our methodologies combine theoretical learning to practical experience, fostering a systemic approach to understanding and solving complex and interdependent issues.

Mobilization: Concrete action is needed in order to achieve a sustainable world. With projects, campaigns and network articulation, ABDL optimizes the actions of people and organizations, engaging actors to transform society and relations between humanity and the environment.

Communication: ABDL promotes dialogue on critical issues of sustainable development, so as to raise the awareness of interested parties and improve their understanding of current challenges, stimulating participation and dissemination of innovative practices.