* A society free of ageism, classism, homophobia, racism, religious prejudice, sexism and discrimination against those who are physically or mentally challenged;

* Community involvement;Economic justice;

* Involvement by youth in the process of social change;

* Alliances that go beyond traditional, short-term coalition-building around a specific action, to sustained collaboration on issues of broad social and economic concerns;

* Progressive, proactive policies that speak to the needs of broad sectors of society;

* Solutions to ongoing and emerging problems that enable us to live more harmoniously with our natural environment and with each other.

The List Foundation awarded grants to groups that can translate their values and goals into strategically designed and executed activities. We looked for a commitment to social change and programmatic and administrative strength in every organization.

Grant recipients have used a variety of strategies to effect change, including legal, public education, media, grassroots organizing, training, technical assistance and coalition building.

We took the following criteria into consideration when reviewing grant proposals:

* Commitment to a pluralistic society;

* Innovative and proactive strategies, including coalition building and resource-sharing with other groups, especially regarding cross-issue activities;

* The possibility of program replication by other groups.

We adopted the following anti-discrimination statement and required that grantees have one that is equally comprehensive: The Albert A. List Foundation does not discriminate in any of its activities based on age, affiliation, class, color, creed, disability, gender, national origin, race or sexual orientation.

In developing funding strategies, the Foundation often worked across issues and in close partnership with the field, other foundations and internally across program areas, to craft initiatives in response to emerging needs and opportunities. The Foundation was always willing to consider seed grants as well as emergency support and other forms of cutting edge funding. The foundation worked in a variety of ways to attract other funders to interest areas.