Abhivyakti is committed to the empowerment of the under- privileged and marginalised people and the development of a just and democratic society. Abhivyakti views such development as a process in which people can fulfill their basic political, social, economic and cultural aspirations by participating and deciding for themselves the type of society they want to live in, irrespective of their social identity. Abhivyakti views this as pro-people perspective. Alternative media has an essential role to play in this process of development.

Abhivyakti views alternative media as an aid to be used by developmental actors in the development process to initiate a dialogue to facilitate a pro-people perspective. The purpose of alternative media is to strengthen the communication and human resources of people by producing a network directed towards building a pro-people perspective through collective participation of the various actors in civil society.

Ultimately, Abhivyakti believes that alternate media should become an integral expression of daily life, thereby, generating a pro-people consciousness for development.