“Environmentalism is the Universal Education;

Self Reliance the Universal Liberation;

Humanism is the way of Promotion”

The fundamental objectives behind the concept of the ABHIYAN:

· Create an opportunity of free education for poor, underprivileged and orphaned children.

· Provide quality education in order to face the challenges of the present world and to cultivate an art of living.

· Provide trainings to teachers on updated methodology of teaching and learning.

· Bring about educational awareness in adults.

· Provide teachers’ training centers and constructs schools in the rural and backward areas in India.

· Cooperation with villagers through common events and free education.

· Launch eco-friendly activities.

· Organized cultural program.

· Provide basic health care facilities to the poor and needy.

· Provide care facilities for old aged and lonely people.

· Launch human resource developmental activities associated with environmental and socioeconomic aspect of people.

· Promote Ecotourism