– AbilityNet is a registered national charity (charity no. 1067673).with over 20 years experience helping people adapt and adjust their information and communications technology (ICT). We’re unique in what we do, working across the UK and beyond.

– Our special expertise is ensuring that whatever your age, health condition, disability or situation you find exactly the right way to adapt or adjust your ICT to make it easier to use.

– There are a confusing number of adaptations that change frequently, and a huge range of prices. We’ll always point out the low cost and free solutions first and let you try various solutions, so you avoid making costly mistakes


AbilityNet’s vision is for a world where access to networks and the knowledge economy is a fundamental human right; where disabled people can freely access services, advance their independence and make connections.


AbilityNet’s mission is to provide access to networks and the knowledge economy for disabled people by:

– Providing disabled people with barrier free, cost effective access to advice and information

– Creating a network of like minded organisations with the capacity to complement our work to ensure comprehensive local and national coverage

– Ensuring training, development and quality assurance is provided to this network of individuals and organisations, for a service disabled people can rely on