Project North was initiated by national Christian churches in Canada in September 1975 in response to the mega-development projects taking place in northern Canada.

Objectives: ARC works towards the transformation of the relationship between Canadian society and Aboriginal peoples. Through eduction, research, advocacy and action, this coalition of national churches, faith bodies, and regional groups, works in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples. ARC seeks to embody true partnership by building authentic alliances in the global struggle for Aboriginal justice.

Activities: ARC has created and implemented innovative public education and political action campaigns towards:

* the recognition of Aboriginal land and treaty rights in Canada;

* realizing the historic rights of Aboriginal peoples as they are recognized in the Canadian constitution and upheld in the courts, including the right to self-determination;

* reversing the erosion of social rights, including rights to adequate housing, education, health care and appropriate legal systems;

* seeking reconciliation between Aboriginal peoples, the Christian community and Canadian society;

* clarifying the moral and spiritual basis for action towards Aboriginal and social justice in Canada;

* opposing development and military projects that threaten Aboriginal communities and the environment; and

* promoting Aboriginal justice within Jubilee.