To facilitate, encourage and support Aboriginal Youth initiatives; increase Youth participation, involvement and development of Aboriginal Youth leaders by: Communication; Training and Development; Involving Youth at all levels of the Friendship Centre Movement; and, preserving and promoting our culture and heritage.

What does the organization do?

The National Association of Friendship Centres’ (NAFC) Board of Directors has committed to Youth within the Friendship Centre Movement. At the NAFC 23rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Qu├ębec City, July, 1994, the definite and distinct role young people play in the Movement was recognized with the passing of Resolution #22. This resolution stated that regularly scheduled meetings with Youth will take place; such meetings will further the aims and goals of the NAFC Youth, encourage them to stay actively involved in the Friendship Centre Movement and will support Youth in all of their endeavours. As a result of this resolution and a subsequent Youth Board meeting, the NAFC Aboriginal Youth Council (AYC) was established in September of 1994.