The Aboriginal Youth Network is just that – a network that runs across Canada (and beyond) connecting all Aboriginal youth. By clicking on this site, you are now a part of our network. We are operated totally for and by Aboriginal youth.

The job of the AYN staff is to get the word out about health, education and employment opportunities for Aboriginal youth, as well as provide the latest news and events happening across our country! We also profile youth with good stories to tell, or invite them to do it in their own words, under our First Truths Section. Finally, sharing info about our Cultures and Traditions is also something we do, since knowing your roots is definitely important.

Purpose of the AYN:

We’re here to ensure there’s a place in cyberspace just for Aboriginal youth in Canada. This is a place for all youth, whether you live in the North, on the Six Nations Reserve in southern Ontario, or on the prairies — to talk and type about your life. By connecting with one another, we become stronger individuals and stronger as a people, better able to overcome our disadvantages, whether they be addictions or just plain old racism.