The Abraham Fund Initiatives, based in Jerusalem and New York is a not for profit, non-partisan organization. A pioneer in the field of Jewish-Arab relations, the organization was founded in 1989 by Alan B. Slifka and the late Dr. Eugene Weiner and named for the common ancestor of both Jews and Arabs.

Our Mission:

The Abraham Fund Initiatives works to advance coexistence, equality and cooperation among Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens by creating and operating large-scale initiatives, cultivating strategic grassroots projects and conducting public education and advocacy that promote its vision of shared citizenship and opportunity for all of Israel’s citizens.

Our Vision:

The Abraham Fund Initiatives views coexistence as the ability of people of different backgrounds and beliefs to live side-by-side in mutual respect. Coexistence is not assimilation. Rather, its objective is to enable individuals and communities to live cooperatively while maintaining their own unique cultural identities. The Abraham Fund Initiatives sees civic equality for Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens as a moral and pragmatic imperative, whereby individual rights and the political, cultural and religious character of the Arab minority must be clearly and unambiguously recognized and respected.