To promote defense of the rights and the exercise of citizenship for children and adolescents.


An equitable society responsible for the protection and complete development of its children and adolescents.

Focuses of action

Our activities are focused on three major areas of priority action:

Education – involving different educational dimensions such as: culture, sports, leisure, vocational preparation and personal development;

Special protection – of infants and adolescents in situations of social and personal risk allied with a strengthening of the rights guarantee system;

Overall protection – defense and promotion of rights that together guarantee the life, health, nourishment and overall development of infants and adolescents.


The work of the Abrinq Foundation is aimed at achieving large scale and wide ranging effects, and is carried out through:

Advocacy: proposing and influencing public policies; political and institutional participation; monitoring government actions;

Strengthening non-governmental and governmental organizations in defending the rights of children and adolescents;

Disseminating information gathered and methodologies used in successful experiments;

Encouraging social responsibility with regard to the rights of children and youth;

Building political and social alliances for the construction and defense of the rights of children and youth;

Designing and implementing innovative programs and projects;

Providing services directly to children and youths of up to 24 years of age.