Imagine stepping out your door with a basket and leisurely strollingaround your yard, all the while harvesting enough ingredients to make awhole meal upon your return to the kitchen.  From your edible landscapeyou pick a few vine ripened heirloom tomatoes, dig up some sweetpotatoes and a ginger root or two, pinch off some fresh basil, cut someshiitake mushrooms off the log, and snip the leaves of a variety offgreens for a salad or saute.  Your entire meal came from less thanfifty yards from your dinner table, and still contains all the vitalnutrients usually lost during the long shipping and storing process ofstore bought food.  Your walk was not only relaxing but productive. Your edible landscape helping to reduce your carbon footprint byreducing the amount of lawn that needs to be mowed, and also is cuttingdown on the amount of food that needs to be shipped from around theworld to feed you.  The mission of Abundant Edible Landscapes is to help people transform their yards into paradise gardens that providefood and create connections with the natural world.  By putting youryard to good use by growing your own food you will feel a sense of selfsufficiency and be able to share the surplus with your friends andneighbors, and open the door for a wide range of barteringopportunities.