The Abused Child Trust is a registered charity which works to break the cycle of abuse and neglect in Australia. Our vision is a society where all kids feel safe, special and loved.

At the Abused Child Trust, we’re in the business of:

– helping at-risk families become the best source of care for their children at our Contact House therapy centres

– speaking up for kids through advocacy

– conducting important research into child protection issues

– We are an independent organisation, so we are not driven by any church or government.

– We receive most of our client referrals from doctors, nurses, teachers and the government agencies.

What We Do

– These people trust us because our expertise and objectivity stem from years of research, world’s best practice and industry expertise in building stronger families.

– We have over 17 years of experience in providing therapy to abused children and their families. Over that time we’ve helped many thousands of devastated people rebuild their lives.

But for every child we rescue, thousands more are left behind. That’s why our business plan is to expand our services throughout all states of Australia.