The A.C. Ratshesky Foundation is committed to fostering economic and social justice for low- and moderate-income families residing in Boston and its surrounding communities.

Within these broad interests, the Foundation has decided to focus on the fields of childcare, education and training, and arts and culture.

Grant-Making Priorities

The Foundation gives priority consideration to programs from the following fields of interest: childcare, education and training, and arts and culture.

Based on the original declaration of trust, support for programs that serve disadvantaged Jewish populations is also of special interest.

Preference is given to small and medium-sized organizations. From time to time programs that are of interest to the trustees but fall outside the usual geographical or program limitations are also given consideration.

The Foundation makes grants for operating support, start-up support/seed money, programs, and organizational capacity building or technical assistance. Examples of areas of interest within its priority areas follow, but are not meant to be exclusive.

Child Care

Child Care grants will support community-based efforts that enhance the well being of low-income families. Priority will be given to programs that improve the capacity of organizations to serve children and enable childcare providers to offer high quality, accessible programming. Areas of interest include projects that:

increase the quality and availability of affordable childcare

improve children’s school readiness

increase the skills of child care providers

expand the capacity of existing child care services

Education and Training

Education and training grants are made to help young people and adults learn skills, gain experience, and develop the self-confidence required to become active leaders and engaged citizens of their community. Priority will be given to programs that lead to economic self-sufficiency for immigrants, refugees, and underserved populations.

Areas of interest include:

job readiness programs for low-skilled individuals

access to education for low-income youth

efforts promoting the development of parenting and related skills that foster the social and academic development of young children

after-school academic enrichment programs

mentoring programs for youth

GED preparation and vocational training

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture grants will support efforts involving low-income communities. The foundation will give preference for projects seeking to:

provide arts-based academic enrichment programs for youth

increase access to performances and events