The Mexican Academy for Human Rights (Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos, AMDH) was founded in 1984 by a group of academic and social movement leaders, government officials, opposition leaders, scientists and artists. Since then, the AMDH, has been working in the areas of research, teaching, analysis, documentation, training, promotion and dissemination of human rights information in Mexico.

The AMDH has several programs which allow us to attain our goals. These programs are: Education, Political Rights, Mass Media, Documentation Unit and Communications.

– The Education Program is in charge of organizing specialized human rights courses as well as workshops focused on college students.

– The Political Rights Program established in 1991, promotes democratic participation; it was also responsible for training and organizing electoral observers during the 1994 federal elections in Mexico.

– The Mass Media Monitoring Project has been working since 1993 to determine whether the right to information is being respected.

– The Documentation Unit carries one of the most specialized collections on human rights in Mexico and is open to the public.

And, the Communications Program, which has the objective of producing audio-visual and printed material that provides support in teaching and promotion of human rights. Among the Communication Program’s projects is the Special Chiapas Bulletin” which we present to you in this space.”