Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
Issue Areas: Endangered Plant Species Protection, Gardening, Plant Ecology

The American Orchid Society is far, far, far more than just a flower club. It’s hoped that this Web site allows you a glimpse at just how complex the 85-year-old nonprofit organization is, as well as how attuned the Society’s volunteer leadership is to our vision and mission. With a primary focus on member and customer satisfaction, the AOS’s aspirations are, truly, our possibilities. We look forward to you joining us on this most pleasurable and rewarding of voyages, and to gaining your feedback as to how we can raise the education bar all the more higher in future years.

The VISION that compels the AOS to its future destiny is:

* The American Orchid Society Will Provide Global Leadership In Orchids.

The MISSION of the AOS in accomplishing its vision of providing leadership in orchids is to:

* Increase member satisfaction and participation.
* Extend the knowledge, production, use and appreciation of orchids.
* Collect and disseminate information.
* Support education and research.
* Support the preservation and perpetuation of orchid species.
* Recognize outstanding achievement.
* Organize and maintain an orchid judging system.
* Provide guests of the AOS Visitors Center and Botanical Garden with a positive, enriching experience.


Conservation of orchid species andtheir habitats has been one of the chief aims of the AOS since our inception in 1921. Through its knowledgeable members and staff, the Society plays a major role in the formulation of world orchid conservation opinion and policies. The AOS Conservation Committee serves as a communication nexus for conservation news and information; its members are often called on for expertise in matters relating to orchid conservation. The AOS also plays an important liaison role with Federal agencies (e.g., USDA and USFWS) in communicating the opinions of the orchid community.

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