Acção Jovem para a Paz (AJP) is a National Youth Organization, a Non-Governmental Organization for Development and a branch (member) of the International Movement Youth Action for Peace (YAP).

AJP main activities are:

1) Training of youth leaders, for activities and associative work

2) European Voluntary Service, long and short-term

3) International and National Workcamps

4) Resource Centre for Human Rights, East Timor and Women

5) Working Group on and for Women

6) Local Development Project

7) National Networking of Local Youth Groups and Partners

8) Regional, National and International Exchanges of persons and/or ideas

9) Publications

10) Fair Trade

11) International Action for Cooperation and Development (East Timor, Cabo Verde)

12) Education for Human Rights, for Development and for Citizenship

All these actions aim to be a contribution to a multidimensional and global objective that is the development and well being of the whole Humanity. The instruments are the emphasis on the civil society actions along with the fulfilment and commitment towards its civic rights and duties of citizenship and tolerance, its identity and interculturality. This means that in the activities the priority is to allow space for people to express, dream and act upon their wishes, to enhance participation and responsibility towards the local, but also towards the global level, to share knowledge and to learn informally, to be flexible, reactive and tolerant ? to create synergies and multipliers, of which the introduction of a new dimension, Fair Trade, in the AJP is one expression.