Mission Statement

The Access Strategies Fund helps disenfranchised communities in Massachusetts harness their collective power to access and use the democratic process to improve their lives.

What We Believe

Within the state of Massachusetts there exist communities that are not engaged in the electoral process and as a result suffer great social and economic injustice. Advancing policies that serve low-income and other minority communities requires that they have unimpeded access to voting, an understanding of how politics impacts their lives, and access to those making policy decisions on their behalf. We believe that the democratic process becomes more inclusive and more responsive when all citizens exercise their political power. It is our goal to provide funds to organizations with community driven strategies for increasing the electoral participation of those they serve.

What We Fund

–Electoral Reform/Voting Rights: We fund organizations that are working to ensure that the electoral process is fair and open. Groups must understand that electoral reform is a civil rights issue.

–Political Resources and Tools: We fund research that enables grantees to become more politically effective and we support political trainings for community-based organizations.

–Media and democracy: Policies demand public education and debate to ensure that decisions are based on sound information. To this end we are interested in supporting projects that promote a diverse and democratic media that serve and promote the interests of communities our partners work within.

–Political Participation of Youths: We fund organizations working to provide youths with the skills crucial to understanding government, engaging in the political process, and creating political change.

–Connecting Immigrant Groups to Political Power: We support community-based organizations that prepare immigrants to not only become US citizens, but also to hold government officials accountable to their needs.

–Voter Mobilization: Though voter registration is an initial step in gaining political power, voter turnout and education are essential to creating an informed, empowered and influential electorate.