The Association ACTION AGAINST INFANTILE PORNOGRAPHY -ACPI- is a NGO founded in September 1998 whose objective is to fight against sexual exploitation of minors i.e. child pornography, child prostitution and child sex tourism.

All of its members are volunteers from all over Spain.

ACPI is a member of the international organization ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), a Spanish member of the EUROPEAN FEDERATION FOR MISSING AND SEXUALLY EXPLOITED CHILDREN and member of the European INHOPE, dedicated to the fight against child pornography in the Internet through the European Union.

At the present time, ACPI is working in five different fields:

1. PREVENTION: Campaigns in the schools on the infantile security, with the collaboration of CEAPA, CONCAPA and the Minor Defender. Likewise we distribute a computer filter to avoid access of minors to web pages with inappropriate content. We have also created a safe portal for children using Internet:

2. SEARCH OF MISSING CHILDREN: we collaborate with the families of missing children and with the forces of the security of the State in the search for these children.

3. THE FIGHT AGAINST CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IN INTERNET: We collaborate with the Police denouncing web pages, chats, and news groups containing infantile pornography. We have a hotline in:

4. CAMPAINGS PROMOTING AWARENESS through the media. We participate in television programs, in newspapers and in radio gatherings. We provide information through our web page: