We were incorporated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes and by charitable, educational and scientific means with five general purposes:

1.) As a part of the continued growth of the communities in which it operates, as a land trust to acquire interests in and to preserve natural areas and to discourage unnecessary development of natural areas.

2.) Impartially to educate communities as to the value to them of the preservation of natural areas.

3.) To promote the knowledge and appreciation of natural areas as living museums.

4.) To develop such scientific, educational and public recreational uses of natural areas as are consistent with their preservation as living museums.

5.) To cooperate with and to encourage other organizations and individuals in carrying out the foregoing activities.

As our cities and towns expand, with more and more rural properties being claimed for development, there is an increasing need to preserve what is left of our forests, prairies and wetlands. It is these natural lands that produce the air we breathe, distill toxins from the water we drink, and provide a natural beauty and order that stir our souls and settle our minds. ACRES exists to collect and protect the last of our natural habitats in northeast Indiana and to teach Hoosiers the value of keeping natural tracts intact.