FECCA is the Australian national peak body that promotes multiculturalism, community harmony and social justice.

FECCA is involved in community education, advocacy for equitable access to services and information for Australians from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, human and cultural rights.

FECCA rejects racism and discrimination on any grounds and we work in strategic partnerships with other organisations to build an inclusive, diverse, accepting and prosperous 21st century Australian society.

Role of FECCA

FECCA is the peak, national body representing Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. FECCA’s role is to advocate, lobby and promote issues on behalf of its constituency to government, business and the broader community.

FECCA works to protect the fundamental rights of all Australians, regardless of cultural, spiritual, gender, linguistic, social, political or other affiliations or connections.

In undertaking this work, FECCA monitors a wide range of issues including:

* cultural institutions;
* community harmony;
* social welfare and justice;
* health services;
* immigration, refugee issues and citizenship;
* racism, and
* youth and women’s issues.

FECCA’s Executive and national office staff also promote information and assistance through a variety of media, work in a strategic way with other peak organisations and government agencies, to represent the views of its constituency.

FECCA Goals and Principles

FECCA’s goal is to enrich and enhance Australian society through the fullest participation of all members of the community. FECCA’s core business and organisational principles are informed by social justice. They involve:

* promoting full access and equity;
* advocating community harmony and the celebration of diversity;
* championing human rights, and
* arguing that Multiculturalism as central to the social, economic and cultural health of Australia in the 21st century.