Waterwatch is a national community water quality monitoring network that encourages all Australians to become involved and active in the protection and management of their waterways and catchments.

Since Waterwatch began, the number of monitoring groups has grown from 200 operating in 16 catchments, to nearly 3000 groups in 200 Catchments. Regular monitoring occurs at approximately 5,000 sites nationally.

The Waterwatch network is made up of individuals, community groups and school groups who undertake a variety of biological & habitat assessments and physical & chemical tests to build up a picture of the health of their waterways and catchments.

By monitoring their local waterways over time community members can determine if the health of the waterway and surrounds are improving, declining or being maintained.

Waterwatch groups have initiated many positive solutions to improve the quality of their waterways by fencing areas of riverbanks, eradicating weeds and invasive species and reducing the use of pesticides and other pollutants.

The Waterwatch network strives to achieve a shared responsibility and collective action for natural resource management through partnerships between community, government and industry.