The Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) is an apolitical, and non-confessional international relief agency created in Afghanistan. The first projects were initiated in Kabul in 1993 to bring relief to populations affected by more than 15 years of conflict.


ACTED is a humanitarian organisation which intervenes in times of crises (emergency projects), either immediately after (rehabilitation projects), or in the short and long term (development projects) in the following situations:

– in emergency situations linked to human factors,

– in situations due to natural disasters,

– in situations of economic and social disasters.


All the programmes enacted by ACTED have for ultimate goal the support of populations affected by crises. These programmes integrate ACTED’s actions in the medium term while taking into consideration the social, political and economic environment of the country or the region in which the intervention takes place.

The ultimate objective is to contribute to the eradication of poverty in the country or region by supporting vulnerable civil populations or in situations of important distress during periods of transition and upheaval.

ACTED currently implements approximately 150 projects a year covering emergency, rehabilitation and development in countries in crisis. These activities are as follow:

Emergency Relief

– food aid

– distribution of non-food items

– basic access to drinking water

Food Security

– agricultural support

– income generation

– irrigation

Health Promotion

– health education

– malaria prevention

– water and sanitation

– rehabilitation of health-based infrastructures

Education and training

– basic education support

– vocational training

– support to children in a precarious situation

– gender

– rehabilitation of education-based infrastructures.

Economic Development

– rehabilitation of road infrastructures

– rehabilitation of shelters

– small business support

– disaster prevention


– local structure support

– community-based development.

Advocacy, Institutional Support and Promotion of Regional Dialogue

– decentralisation and local governance

– support to minorities

– peace promotion and cross-border cooperation

Cultural Promotion

– cultural heritage protection

– cultural activities promotion

– fair trade