Action Comores is a voluntary non-governmental organisation (NGO) involved in conservation work in the Comoros Islands (Comores), in the Western Indian Ocean.

The Comoros Islands contain a high concentration of endemic plants, vertebrates, and other species, and (with Madagascar) form one of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots, making them of exceptional global priority for conservation.

The primary objective of Action Comores is the conservation of the endemic and endangered fruit bat Livingstone’s flying fox (Pteropus livingstonii) and its habitat, through a programme that includes scientific research, direct conservation action and environmental education. Livingstone’s flying fox is used as a flagship species to address the environmental problems occuring in the Comores.

Livingstone’s flying fox is one of the rarest fruit bats in the world. It is listed as Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red Data List and its habitat is under threat. It is endemic to the islands of Anjouan and Moheli in the Comores and current population estimates suggest there are only ~ 1,200 individuals of this species left in the wild.

Action Comores works for the conservation of Livingstone’s flying fox through its two constituent organisations: Action Comores (International) – an international NGO – and Action Comores (antenne Anjouan) – a Comoran NGO.