Our Mission

To protect and restore our local natural environment through stewardship, education, and leadership.


Leader Ship:

Leaders don’t just materialize, they grow and develop through real-world experience. Acterra’s High Schools Group helps youth to grow into leaders by allowing them to create their own campaigns and projects. Acterra also encourages environmental

leadership among businesses and young nonprofits.

Acterra has coordinated the regional Bay Area

Earth Day Coalition every year since its founding in 1990. The international Earth Day Network acknowledges the Bay Area Earth Day Coalition as one of the most recognized and respected regional networks in the nation.

Environmental Stewardship:

In an age of electronic communications, cars and cubicles, it is easy to feel disconnected from community and nature. That’s why Acterra offers innumerable opportunities to interact with our local ecosystems — and with each other.

The Arastradero Preserve Stewardship Project is collaborating with the City of Palo Alto to control invasive species and restore over 600 acres of native habitat in the foothills. The San Francisquito Watershed Council leads a multi-jurisdictional effort to restore the ecological health of the San Francisquito Creek watershed — work that has united two counties, five cities, and private landowners in a joint effort to protect the health of their shared natural resources.