Action for child Labour is a Social Acton Group registeblack as Trust, Committed to the eliminaton of Child Labour.

Realising the fact that totalelimination has perforce to be a long term process, we are also working at different levels to improve the situation of children who are currently forced to work by the economic and social realities of their lives.

At the same time we are also involved in advocacy and campaigning to speed up the process of elimination of child labour. At present we are based in Madras involved with children working in hazardous and dehumanising conditions like Leather tanneries; Stone quarries; Brick chambers; Metal polishing; Children working in unorganized sectors.

Recreation Learning Centres

We are running 13 recreational learning centres for the children working in leather tanneries, brick kilns and quarry work. These centres are conducted during evening that is between 5 to 8 pm. Nearly 350 working children are attending these centres. Children come there and play games, learn songs and learn literacy and numeracy. Each month a syllabus is prepared for these children titled `Arivu Cholai`.

Alternative Skill Training

In a year, we select and take 10 children from the hazardous occupation and provide them alternative skill training like screen-printing. During the training period, we provide them stipend for their families.

Transit School

As part of our attempt to mainstream working children and help them to continue their formal education, we are conducting a Transit School with support from Tamilnadu Slum Clearance Board. 22 working children from Thiruvanmiyur slums are attending this full time school.

Bridge Course for Quarry Working Children

We are also running five bridge course centres for children working in stone quarry, leather tanneries, and brick kilns. 117 children are attending these full time bridge courses. In the Transit school and Bridge Course centres children are given afternoon lunch. They are prepared for government examination so that they can join formal school next year.

Tailoring Trainning

In a year, we provide tailoring for 20 teenage girls and women. After the training, we get jobs in export garment industries, which is near to our working area.

Women Sangams

In all our working areas, we had initiated women organisation, through these sangams we are encouraging savings schemes and trying to motivate and organize them to take up their issues and solving it. We also provide leadership training for these women.

Health Education

The effluent from leather tanneries had contaminated the drinking water in this area so people are prone to all water borne diseases. To change this situation people have to understand this. Therefore, we are providing health education for women, youth and children.

Education Programme for School Children about Child Labour

In a year, we select and organize education programme in 10 schools [mostly govt. schools] and educate about 2,000 students on the problem of child labour through photo exhibition, video and posters.