ADP MBOZI is a non governmental organisation working in Mbozi District. It is engaged in capacity building. The organisation runs programmes on Health improvement among the community. Mbozi District being among most affected areas in southern west of Tanzania, has been implementing Stop TB Campaign in 8 wards where as the impact has started to be seen among community members. The issue of Stigma among community members has started to decline since they have realised that even themselves can be among TB infected since according to the statistics in every 100 people, there are about 38 people in the place who are TB/Lungs infected.The only means of delivering knowledge is through Media and outreach programmes. By the year 2006 we intend to conduct field visit which will involve 20 media houses, where as many issues will be risen from community themselves on the progress in implementing the program. Poverty being a characteristic to the problem, the project has designed an income generating programme that will cut across community attending medication so as to improve health status by getting balanced diet.