Action for Economic Reforms (AER) is an independent, reform-oriented public interest organization that conducts policy analysis and advocacy on key economic issues.

AER is a think tank in the manner that its main work combines research with problem solving. AER undertakes research to obtain information, deepen knowledge, and generate resources. Such information, resources and knowledge are used to develop policy proposals and alternatives.


1. A dynamic national economy characterized by sustainable development, equitable distribution of income, robust and fair trade relations, and democratic governance.

2. A socially oriented market economy that accentuates the complementing roles of a development-focused democratic state; a socially responsive and vibrant private sector; a growing, efficient cooperative sector; and a vigorous, organized civil society.


1. Putting in place a macroeconomic environment that addresses equity, democratization, and sustainability.

2. Building capacity of people’s organizations and non-government organizations to intervene in economic policy issues

3. Developing policy alternatives and building economic strategies

4. Influencing policy and winning concrete policy reforms.