ACTSA Scotland (Action for Southern Africa – successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement)works in Scotland on issues relating to Southern Africa – the SADC countries. Equal attention to all 13 countries is beyond our capacity so we have a particular interest in a twinning link with Eastern Cape Province of South Africa as part of a wider pattern of links between different parts of the UK and South Africa’s 9 provinces.

We disseminate information about Southern Africa and encourage links between organisations, trade unions, schools, local authorities and others in Scotland and Southern Africa.

As part of this linking, the collection and sorting of books to send to school and other libraries is an important regular activity.

ACTSA Scotland also campaigns on issues relating to Southern Africa including trade negotiations, diamonds, asbestos, debt, HIV/Aids and tourism.

ACTSA Scotland has knowledge and expertise in Southern Africa and experience of both campaigning and linking.