ACTION IN DISABILITIES INDIA [ AID INDIA ] was established in the year 1992 as a registered trust with the primary focus being the welfare of people with disabilities in rural areas. As the organization became increasingly aware of the many needs of our communities, we enlarged our objectives to include the support of rural women, children, and people with special needs. We accomplish this by enabling programs centered on education, awareness, and the promotion of social and economic development of these groups.

With this expanded focus, we began by forming self-help groups with the women of the impoverished dalit caste in our area. To educate the organization in further ways of assisting those in need, staff members attended the international dialogue program conducted by the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, as well as an international seminar on Poverty and Disability conducted in Belgium. From these meetings AID INDIA gained further knowledge and the motivation to create several initiatives, with the primary focus being the formation of our own sustainable micro-credit program for disadvantaged people in our area. We have named this program Grama Vasantham (Village Prosperity”).

AID INDIA develops programs according to its focus