Vision: A peaceful world where there is love, respect and dignity for all.

Mission: To work towards sustainable and holistic development for rural and poor voiceless communities mainly in the northeast.

Core values: Ahimsa; truth; honesty; humility; trust and love.

What is the ant?

The ant is registered as a charitable trust under the Religious And Public Charitable Trusts Act in Bongaigaon, Assam.. It is a voluntary agency (also called a non-governmental organisation or NGO) working towards rural development without prejudice to caste, creed, religion, gender or tribe.

Why does it have a strange name like the ant?

Do you know that an ant can carry upto 50 times its weight? The ants are also well known for their hard work, ceaseless activity, resourcefulness and their ability to work together. Besides, they are known never to give up. Well! That should explain why we are inspired by the ants. Hence we commit ourselves to work hard like ants and work together with people. We also call ourselves the action northeast trust.

What is the objective of the ant?

the ant is committed towards bringing about sustainable rural development in villages of the North East with the core values of ahimsa, truth, honesty, humility, trust and love. Dreaming of a world where there is peace, love, respect and dignity for all, at present, the ant is working at two levels: at one level- directly in some villages of Chirang district in the Bodo Territorial Administered Districts area of Assam, India and on the other as a support and networking organisation to different development agents in the North East region.