Action Now is a volunteer-based grassroots watchdog and educational organization dedicated to ending involuntary exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals. It focuses on the urban setting where the largest number of vulnerable people are concentrated and where environmental quality may already be unhealthy. It works to educate the public about the dangers of toxic exposure, to foster the use of lease toxic pest control alternatives, to encourage research for the development and implementation of biological pest control and to inspire and empower the community at large to resist and prevent toxic assault.

Chemical/Biological Contamination, Agriculture/Farming, Pesticides/Toxic Chemicals, Human Health/Nutrition

ACTIVITIES: Education, Research, Litigation, Lobbying, Street Theatre

SERVICES: Speakers, Research, Referrals to Attorneys, Doctors and Other Resources.

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROJECT: Alternatives to Fruitfly Eradication. Purpose: to inform the public at large as well as decision-makers through a national network of environmental and toxics groups about plans by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture to use aerial spraying of malathion and soil drenches with diazinon and Dursban for eradication of exotic fruitflies in nine (9) southern states (including California, Texas and Florida), as well as available safer alternatives. U.S. tax dollars are currently being used for eradication programs in California as well as Mexico and Guatemala.