The overall purpose of this action program is to establish an efficient and effective NGO network in Nepal to improve the health of the cooking stove users and to prevent ecological degradation through popularization of ICS and strengthening of collaboration among NGOs, INGOs, GOs and other institutions.

Specific objectives

To identify potential members, both national and district level and encourage them to join the Network

To support and assist in developing and strengthening institutional capabilities to existing and potential ICS related organizations to support government policy and program for the promotion and widespread adoption of ICS.

To support the ICS action projects and research activities that will address the major issues and obstacles mentioned above and utilize the outcome to enhance their technical and institutional capabilities and strengthen network efforts.

To develop and establish ICS Resource Centre for documenting ICS related technical information and share ideas and information on ICS related activities

To develop and strengthen local skills and capabilities of the members to plan and undertake ICS dissemination activities

To assist or conduct ICS network meeting at the national and district level regularly to share issues and experiences and facilitate ICS program collaboration