Registered charity No 1061568

Company Limited by Guarantee No 3336101

Action with Communities in Rural England [ACRE] is a national charity whose purpose is to support sustainable rural community development. It provides a national platform for its founder member Rural Community Councils, other bodies and individuals who work at local, county, regional and national level to alleviate rural disadvantage in England.

Supporting Rural Communities – Reflecting Rural Issues

Eleven million people, over a fifth of the population of England, live and work in rural areas. Despite the perceived rural idyll, 25 per cent live in or on the margins of poverty. Low wages, under-employment and inadequate housing are everyday realities for large numbers of people. Homelessness is increasing in the countryside and rural services are in decline.

ACRE`s aim is to facilitate the development of thriving, diverse and sustainable communities throughout rural England. We work closely with Government departments, regional and local bodies, to ensure that the impact of policies on rural communities are understood.