ActionLA Affinity Group

Our People`s Movement For Justice Is a World Wide Project. Understanding the connections between our own individual conditions of life and the lives of people everywhere allows us to come together and organize across all borders!

ActionLA is a nonprofit organization under SEE, it was established since last year`s D2K LA mobilization. ActionLA is fiscal umbrella for ActionLA affinity group, ActionLA web page/Listserv, Changelinks monthly newspaper, Peace No War Network, National Immigrant Solidarity Network, and US-Mexico Border Action Projects.

We are part of the Los Angeles activist communities, and we offer our resources to help labor, immigrant, youth, environment and economic justice movements across the city and California, includes:

S26 LA Action [Sep 26, 2000]

FTAA/US-Mexico Border Protest [Apr 20-22, 2001]

Tijuana Borderhack Festival [Aug 24-26, 2001]

LA/Irvine Taco Bell Actions [Spring, 2002]

National Immigrant Solidarity Network [since 2003]

Peace No War! antiwar/peace movemnet [since 2001]