ACME, the local environment group, together with other groups, is supporting a blockade and associated campsite on a new logging road. This road will open pristine new areas for clear felling adjacent a popular State Park.

The objectives of the local campaign include:

Extend the Yarra Ranges National Park to include the Taggerty River Valley to Marysville.

Extend Cathedral Range State Park to protect the Upper Cathedral Valley, Southern approaches (including Cerberus Road and the Keppel Creek Valley).

500m non logging buffers on all tourists routes including the Acheron Way and Lake Mountain access roads

Formalise and implement community consultation including all stakeholders equally represented – addressing Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management.

A comprehensive survey by an independent body of Marysville’s water catchment and the effects of logging on water quality.

Extend buffer between logging coupes and areas of cool temperate rainforest from only 40 metres to 350 metres, to ensure the protection of cool temperate rainforest from myrtle wilt and fire.

The linking of Yarra Ranges, Eildon National Parks and Cathedral Range State Park with Wilderness Corridors.

A refocus of Government resources to explore and develop alternative economic initiatives including plantation forestry and eco tourism.