Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Issue Areas: Child Labor, Fair Trade, Worker Health and Safety, Worker Rights

The Activist Student Union is a registered student group at DePaul University. We reject hierarchies in our structure, focusing instead on reaching consensus on what we want to do as a group. The school requires us to list a president, but we don’t have one person that tells others what to do.

The Activist Student Union has an over 6 year history of fighting against sweatshops and for workers rights. Among our past campaigns and successes:

–Made DePaul cancel a contract with Sedexho Marriot, a catering company that used prison slave labor. www.prisonactivist.org

–Made DePaul become a member of the Workers Rights Consortium, an anti-sweatshop monitoring group for Universities. The Workers Rights Consortium

–Worked on Campaigns against the war and for fair trade. ANSWER coalition Equal Exchange

–Still fighting to get DePaul to cut it’s contract with Coca-Cola in solidarity with workers in Colombia. Killer Coke