The Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) is the umbrella organization for food banks across the province, representing over 100 members in communities across Ontario, from Ottawa to Windsor and Dryden to Niagara Falls.

The OAFB has four major aims to achieve its vision of hunger relief.

We acquire and distribute food across Ontario. With the help of our dedicated partners, the OAFB obtains and ships perishable and non-perishable food from our donors to food banks in communities across the province.

We ensure member food banks meet certain standards of safety, quality and ethics. Food banks have a responsibility to the communities that they serve. We help member food banks ensure that they can provide safe, high quality and ethical service to their community.

We offer membership support on development, operations and management. Although food banks across Ontario come in all shapes and sizes, many face the same challenges of raising funds, directing distribution operations and managing staff and volunteers. We help with the sharing of best practices and offer professional development for our members.

We educate the public and government on issues of hunger and poverty. It is difficult to articulate the challenges you face when you are struggling to find a nourishing meal. It is the responsibility of the OAFB to tell the story of food banks and those served by food banks, and educate the public on the issues of hunger and poverty facing Ontarians. These efforts are supported by diligent research and the development of long-term, credible solutions.

The OAFB is not a food bank. It is a non-profit charitable organization, and receives no funding from the United Way or any level of government.