exists to encourage individuals and groups around the world to resist the unequal, inhumane and toxic consequences of Western economic, military and cultural supremacy.

Our argument is that everyone in their day to day lives can engage in an act of resistance which, no matter how small, serves to deny the causes of such unhappiness in the world a contribution to their existence.

An act-of-resistance is the opposite of indifference and apathy, feelings that can arise when there is a belief that individual acts can make no difference to the way the world is ordered.

Our argument is that collective acts of non voilent and non-illegal reistance taking place over a period of time can result in a cumulative impact on the causes of human suffering.

We are completely independent of any organisation or political group. We do recognise, however, that we are contributing to the worldwide anti-globalisation movement.

The anti-globalisation movement is, we think, unified by a common concern, which is that corporations and their single, profit-making imperative care little or nothing for the social consequences of their actions. Globalisation is with us, but it is what we do with it that should be the concern of every free-thinking individual in the world.