Freesources Recycling Network is made up of many individual groups across the U.S. We are a grassroots movement of people who are giving and receiving good used items for free. Not only do you get to save yourself some money by getting free stuff, you also keep these items out of the landfills and you eliminate the need for yet one more thing to be manufactured, which further depletes our natural resources and adds to our ever-increasing land, water, and air pollution.

Freesources Recycling Network is all about resources:

Saving Our Natural Resources:

– Saving land by keeping good reusable items out of landfills

– By reusing items we spare our planet from additional air, water, and soil pollution produced when new stuff is manufactured and transported.

Free Resources for Non-Profit Organizations:

– Saving non-profits money by helping them find items they need to keep their organization running. The money they save can then be used directly for their cause.

Free Resources for Personal Use:

– Saving individuals money by helping them find things that they want and need.

– Saving time and gas money by offering members a place to post items that they no longer need, and someone else will come and haul it away!

Free Recycling Resource for Corporations:

– Items donated to non-profits are tax deductible.

– Items not needed by non-profits can be offered to our group members, the company benefits by not having to pay to have items hauled away.

Priority is given to legitimate non-profits on this group, therefore you are required to have a Yahoo ID so that you can access the NeedCycle database to see if a non-profit needs the item you have to offer before posting it to the rest of the group.