Addameer believes in the internationality

of human rights based on the respect of human dignity as a priority, the totality of which is constructed upon international laws and conviction.

Addameer also believes in the importance of building a free and democratic Palestinian society based on justice, equality, rule of law and respect for human rights within the larger framework of the right to self-determination.

Addameer strives to:

* Oppose torture as well as other instances of brutality, inhumanity, and degrading inflicted upon Palestinian prisoners.
* Abolish the death penalty.
* Oppose arbitrary arrest and guarantee fair and just trials.
* Support and endorse prisoners of conscience through supporting the efforts of political prisoners and providing them with psychological, legal and media support.
* Support families of Palestinian detainees and the community at large in addressing issues of human rights violations.
* Contribute in lobbying towards the issuing of laws which guarantee human rights principles and basic freedom, as well as ensuring their implementation on the ground.
* Participate in raising awareness locally and internationally regarding the issues of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in order to promote greater community participation in securing human rights.

The Programs of Addameer:

1. Legal Aid Program
2. Regular Prison Visits and Social Counseling
3. Documentation of Palestinian Detainee Rights
4. Media Coverage and Outreach
5. Advocacy
6. Awareness Raising

7. Training

8. Grassroots Empowerment

Addameer has been actively involved in the development of Palestinian civil society since its establishment. In particular, in its role as an executive member of PNGO, Addameer plays an important role in structuring the response of civil society to human rights violations, as well as directing strategies for increased community awareness. This has also placed the association in a unique position because of its strong commitment and relationship to the local community. Community involvement remains the backbone of the organization, in the form of volunteerism and support for all activities of the association and its campaigns.

The priority of Addameer is to ensure that the association is not merely a service oriented establishment, but rather a resource for the community to address human rights violations.