The mission of Post Carbon Institute is to assist societies in their efforts to relocalize communities and adapt to an energy constrained world. We believe that production of oil and natural gas will peak soon, climate change is worsening, and the current global economic system is unstable and reinforces huge disparities. Our response is to promote drastically lower

consumption, greater local self-reliance, and more cooperative and inclusive


We support:

– An online news network called Global Public Media

– Access to a wealth of information and analysis on energy issues

– Actions, initiatives and education which build community, boost local

economies and reduce energy use

We work on a local and regional level with:

– Community groups

– Governments

– Business

– Other public and private organizations

Post Carbon Institute is an educational institution and think tank that explores in theory and practice what cultures, civilization, governance & economies might look like without the use of (non-renewable) hydrocarbons as energy sources. The development of this organization came out of a concern for the environmental, social, political and economic ramifications of relying on cheap hydrocarbon energy. Post Carbon Institute is an action tank, and works to research and offer solutions to the challenges we face as a result of our reliance on hydrocarbon energy. We have operations in Vancouver Canada, Northern California, and we are working with community groups in many countries all over the world through our Relocalization Network.