Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association Inc is a community-based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of the unique parklands encircling the city of Adelaide.


  • the Park Lands are available for use by the general public 
  • the public, so far as practicable, has free and unrestricted access to the Park Lands 
  • the Park Lands are reserved as a place for public recreation, leisure and enjoyment 
  • alienated areas of the Park Lands are restored for recreational use, preferably as open space 
  • the open space character of the Park Lands as a place dividing the City of Adelaide from the suburbs is preserved 
  • the Park Lands are preserved and maintained in a manner that enhances their special place in the design of the City of Adelaide
  • the amenity of the Park Lands is not impaired by inappropriate development of nearby lands
  • the Park Lands are included on State, National and World Heritage lists.