The Adirondacks Watershed Institute(AWI) was established to maximize the efforts of two of Paul Smith’s most dynamic and successful community initiatives: the Aquatic Program and the Stewardship Program. Established in 1992 in cooperation with the Upper Saranac Lake Association, the underlying mission for each program continues to be information gathering and sharing, and helping to provide a comprehensive approach to protecting and maintaining the region’s natural resources.

A third component of the AWI is the Research and Educational Outreach Program. Working in tandem, these programs act like tributaries feeding a major river and provide service and information needed by local communities, state agencies, and private land owners in the Adirondacks. The cumulative efforts of each branch of the AWI is building a credible, science-based organization with long-term benefits not only for all those who have a stake in the Adirondacks, but also to other communities facing similar environmental challenges.