Adopt-A-Minefield raises awareness and funds to clear landmines and rehabilitate landmine survivors.

We are a global campaign, with partners in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Sweden. In the UK, Adopt-A-Minefield is a programme of the United Nations Association [UNA] Trust [registered charity no. 256236].

We educate people about the problems that landmines continue to cause in many countries around the world – long after wars are over, and even after two thirds of all countries have banned their use.

The Mine Ban Treaty is an important step towards solving the landmine crisis. But millions of mines remain in the ground and threaten to explode, kill or injure civilians, deny vital farmland and access to water resources.

For many families your donation is still their only route to safety.

The funds that we raise support existing mine clearance and survivor assistance projects that are run by local and international organisations in the field, and co-ordinated by the United Nations.

100% of your donation gets passed to our partners for the implementation of the projects. Our outreach and administrative costs are funded separately.