Adopt a Village Registry is a BC non-profit society.

The Board has endorsed this Mission for Adopt a Village Registry Global Society.

1. To unite global intelligence, compassion, capacity, and the power of

good will with local needs and focused actions in communities and

villages that desire assistance as a result of natural or human-made

life conditions, such as the December 26, 2004 tsunami.

2. To support the long-term recovery and ecologically sustainable

re-development of communities, by facilitating the development of a

positive relationship between communities of good will and communities

and villages that desire assistance.

3. To add value to the work being done by many others by creating and

maintaining resources and processes that will assist in bringing

together communities and villages that desire assistance with

organizations, agencies, municipalities and individuals who have the

willingness and the capacity to adopt a community or village, and

develop a long-term supportive relationship.