Adsum for Women & Children is a charitable, community based organization located in Halifax, Nova Scotia that supports women and children who are homeless or at risk of becoming so. Since our beginning in 1983, we have focused on meeting the needs of individual clients.

The purpose of the Strategic Plan:-

* To further Adsum’s philosophy and approach to building a relevant and appropriate organization that advocates for women and children, recognizes staff contributions and engages community connections.

* To execute the Board and Management’s goal for increased efficiencies while equipping the organization to deal more effectively with the issues of poverty and homelessness and adopt a holistic approach.

* To envision a future direction that encompasses women and children through programming that produces client outcomes.


To advocate for women and children and meet the needs of our clients by promoting their personal growth through the provision of emergency and longer term housing, programs and resources in a client centered, non-judgmental way.


We believe in…

* The dignity, worth and potential of every human being;

* The importance of hope, security, self-esteem, free choice and participation in the betterment of one’s life;

* Our responsibility to advocate and care for one another as members of the community.